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We are neutral. We are not here to punish the registrant in any way. Information relating to the Ebola virus is already in the public domain.

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We have to balance your rights with the public interest. Ms Cafferkey, wearing brown trousers and a beige top, remained silent during the only public part of the hearing and appeared composed throughout.

Earlier, she is believed to have evaded reporters and camera crews by being allowed to enter the NMC building on George Street through the back entrance. SCOTS scientists have helped crack the mystery of why some children develop peanut allergies without ever eating a single nut. Quantities as low as a millionth of a gram of peanut can enter the body through cut or scratched skin. Researchers at Dundee University were part of the team that found peanut dust even in homes where no-one ate the snack. The academics recommend that parents should cover affected skin in plenty of moisturiser and that extra care should be taken to clean surfaces of dust.

Almost of the homes were found to contain peanut dust.

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Twenty youngsters developed a peanut allergy, 17 of whom had a skin condition. Peanut can be found on hands and in saliva three hours after someone has eaten a meal containing peanuts. It can then be brought into a home and transferred onto sofas, bedding and other surfaces. It was previously believed that children were more likely to develop allergies if their mother ate peanuts during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

But this study provides strong evidence that children can also become allergic by exposure to peanut through the skin. Severe reactions can include swelling of the tongue, loss of consciousness, coma and even death. SCOTS experiencing mental health problems have had a funding boost to protect their human rights. The programme is looking for projects which can tackle stigma in workplaces, in health and social care, with children and young people, in minority groups and in the general public.

In previous years See Me has funded projects focusing on the way mental health is viewed in the justice system, discrimination towards students and passengers on buses, and creating public art and drama exhibitions. These positions have enabled us to create, continue to develop and deliver the workshops across Lanarkshire.

The funding is divided into two separate streams.

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These can be based in one geographical area, but making a wider change, or they can be Scotland wide projects which can tackle stigma in areas such as workplaces, or in health and social care. No biggie. A recent study has revealed the top ten fantasies of cheating men, including sleeping with the baby sitter and even with a sister-in-law.

The survey conducted by Victoria Milan — a dating website for attached people looking to cheat — took into account the fantasies of 6, male British cheaters. Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the survey uncovered an interesting side to the cheating male psyche, as it shows they find real-life situations are more attractive.

He did this without their knowledge or any explanation about the nature and extent of the documentation which they were signing. The discrepancy was uncovered after worried students told another teacher that they still had work to complete in order to be able to sit their exam. A diagram caught my eye -it looked familiar. The diagram that Mr Mccallum had presented was identical to the one by that pupil.

A student approached me and said she had a couple of [assessments] outstanding. They stated that Mr McCallum had told them he would complete this for them and it was a waste of time. There was only a couple of weeks before the students went off on study leave. They were cramming. A third charge, that during a disciplinary investigation Mr McCallum had made a false statement that the higher biology class had completed the learning outcome, was denied by the teacher but found proved by the panel.

Mr McCallum was not present but in a statement from his lawyer he insisted he did not make false statements. It emerged during the hearing that at a school disciplinary hearing the teacher claimed he had lost the coursework and did not want his students to lose out. A Michelin-starred restaurant, an Aberdeenshire pub and a whisky distillery on Islay were among those to be crowned Scottish tourism champions last night. For many years he has worked tirelessly to promote the tourism industry at home and overseas. This year the Scottish Thistle Awards also extended a special thank you to the people of Glasgow for the warm welcome they had offered to guests during the major events of Led by panel of experts from the Scottish tourism industry, the awards celebrate tourism businesses or suppliers across the region who have gone the extra mile to offer an outstanding visitor experience.

With a particular focus on customer service, this year, for the very first time, members of the public were invited to nominate their tourism champions, with judges determining the final winners. Tourism is at the heartbeat of the Scottish economy, and all those nominated, are leading the way when it comes to making our country a fantastic place to visit and do business. Last year, the government froze spirits duty — a move welcomed by those in the drinks sector. Few other products face such a heavy burden. Bootes, an eight-month-old tabby, was found having a fit and unable to walk by her owner in December.

The findings of a toxicology report have concluded that carbofuran — a highly toxic, banned pesticide — was ingested by the animal near Gorebridge, Midlothian. And the candidates have attempted to contrast themselves with each other. But on occasion that contrast has been hard to hear — because it has been oblique or offered quickly in passing. We wanted to provide that service, because those events would otherwise have been inaccessible — except for those physically present. And even those who were physically present might want to check their recollections against the actual audio recordings.

I think in some cases those attempts have not been necessarily conscious and deliberate. And in some cases those attempts rely on lumping other candidates together. Sabra Briere is asking voters to notice that she has accurate knowledge of the issues: If you want a mayor who is willing to work down in the weeds on policy questions, and get something done based on analysis of those policy questions, vote for Briere.

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Those summaries are a bit one-dimensional. And there is , of course. But it brought back memories — traumatic ones — of my disastrous try-out for the Jeopardy game show 24 years ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time. You can buy it or download a free copy: [ here ].

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This seems to throw a lot of people off. And to us Metro Detroit Jews, UM has long been the Promised Land: At last count something like 40 of my relatives have attended the university with most ultimately earning a degree or two! The latest of these, my nephew, will be joining the rolls this September. The point being that we have a small JCC here.

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Our tiny JCC has an armed guard. In my mind, this is pretty common. All the kids love him, because he is an excellent security guard: He makes it his business to be sure that all the kids know him and like him, so that they will listen to him in an emergency. In all three cases the school was locked down, because three men with shotguns were running around the neighborhoods, evading cops.

But this is the way of the world: Now and again white men with gun-show stockpiles take it upon themselves to take a stab at Zion, and they disproportionately target JCCs when they do so. And JCCs almost invariably have daycares and schools. I want to share a Terrible Revelation I had at the end of May. It touched a nerve — actually a few hundred thousand nerves.