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Caroline Forbes

And I laughed. I blushed alittle. And I missed you'' He said. I smiled. We sat there about 5 hours and he told me about all our memories together.

I nodded and in a second he disapeared. I leaned in and peck his lips.

Reader Interactions

I woke up and saw Kim by my side. Finally I got my girl back. I kissed her cheek and went out to meet my old friends. I knocked on his door and he opened up.

My vampire boyfriend -- Chinese mix -- Amazing love story πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘« Sunn Le Zara

I woke up, and looked up, and I saw jack, or I hoped it was Jack, because the boy had blonde hair. He looked at me. He had blue eyes, his eyes was really cold.

What do vampires in dreams mean?

I hoped he would say that he's here to talk to jack or something. I took the opportunity to take my phone and run to the bathroom. And threw me on my bed. I stood up. He just smiled and walked closer till my back hit the wall. He took four knifes. I closed my eyes and waiting to be stabbed. I raised one of my feet. He laughed and played with my hair. I gulped and smiled at Jack.

III. As The Saying Goes

He walked up to me and took his knife near my cheek. I flinched.

I felt blood flow down my cheek. He began cutting my other cheek, when he got pushed back by someone not jack because he was by my side by now.

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I couldn't see his face, but I've heard this voice before. He turned around and I was shocked. Set in a snowy November in New York, Phred's world is filled with romance, humour and excitement involving her attractive newspaper editor, Royce, gorgeous movie star, Bradley Goldsilver, and handsome Hollywood agent, Vaughn.

Royce sends Phred out one night to a New York movie premiere. Phred is a journalist, not a photographer, but Royce wants her to go. Her assignment is to glean a candid shot of movie star, Bradley Goldsilver, at his latest movie premiere. No mean feat. Especially as every other big burly paparazzo with their eye on the money is vying for the same.

Phred, a reluctant paparazzo, does something outrageously out of character to get the photograph she needs - and ends up in the headlines herself. Phred gives a whole new perspective to the world of the paparazzi.

handkhadmacreu.gq About the Author: De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She's also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist. She worked as marketing editor for a glossy magazine, helped organise fashion shows and photo-shoots, trained for many years in martial arts, and was a full-time newspaper journalist.

De-ann loves to sew, knit and is also a fabric designer and artist.