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She reports that because of their ridiculously long last name, many people simply refer to them as The P-Rs. She is crazy about the Church and loves to lean with the people of God into all kinds of gospel adventures. Being an emerging adult can be a tricky time- trying to figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how faith fits into it all and Alyssa believes that the Church and its people are called to walk alongside each other as we all figure out those big life questions.

She loves and prays for the San Antonio Spurs every day. Extreme extrovert, Alabama Shakes fan, and pizza enthusiast. Pastor for Children and Families kmp firstbaptistdc. Kelly and her family arrived in Arlington, Virginia from Germany. Previously, they lived in Miami, South Texas, and Atlanta. In each place, Kelly became enveloped in a rich, diverse church community which fanned her spirit for creating exciting learning experience for children.

Her love of children has led her to work as a camp counselor in Louisiana, church teacher in Germany, and mission trip member in orphanages in Ukraine. Professionally, Kelly funded her love of travel and missions by working as a Gannett newspaper reporter, a communication specialist for an inner-city school district, and a doctor of management specializing in organizational leadership. As a child, Kelly became convinced of her need for salvation upon hearing a sermon on Matthew — She remembers becoming a kid bound for the kingdom, and recalls her oldest brother preparing her for baptism by her father.

Traveling, music, movies, playing board games, and hiking are family hobbies. Organist-Choirmaster lschreiber firstbaptistdc. Having worked in the D. Interim Executive Administrator sha firstbaptistdc. Sarah has been a member, deacon, and leader at FBC since childhood and brings with her the skills honed across 35 years in government service. Church Administrator ddillard firstbaptistdc. A New York City native, her interests include attending plays and concerts, sports baseball and football and traveling.

She is also a member of the Association for Women in Communications. While he worked as a weapons specialist at the Pentagon, Charlie ran for and won his home district's State Representative race in He won the Second Congressional District seat in running on a platform of utility regulation and economic development for East Texas. In Washington, Charlie served on the House Defense and Foreign Affairs Appropriations Subcommittees and used this position to assign monetary aid to his constituents and Cold War allies around the globe.

Charlie did much more than help fund the Soviet-Afghanistan War however. He labored to improve the lives of his constituents and "underdogs. These oral histories provide a picture window into not just the life and times of a congressperson, valuable for just that, to be sure, but also a venue for understanding who and what East Texas and East Texans imagined themselves to be through the continuous selection of Charlie to Congress.

Certainly a good politician who knew how to get elected, his story is not the whole story of East Texas.

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He is also a human story. He was made of flesh and bones. Below are links to oral histories from Charlie's family members, friends, coworkers, and more. A brief biography and subject list is immediately provided while clicking on the link will take you to a particular interview site that features a more detailed biography and the audio of the oral history as well as the transcript.

Steen Library of the Stephen F. The Project seeks to complement, enhance, and draw more attention to the Representative's archival holdings through the collection, preservation, and diffusion of oral history interviews with those who knew and worked with Charlie Wilson.

Oral history interviews help expand the University's archival collection by adding more variety and diversity, particularly through the mixed memories of many of Charlie Wilson's closest friends, colleagues, and staff, as well as by focusing on issues and topics not well covered in existing archival papers. The Project also seeks to move beyond the sensational Hollywood image of Charlie Wilson to deepen an understanding of the Representative's many years of significant service, strength and complexity of character, and veritable impact on American and world history.

The oral history interviews bolster the scholarly endeavors of researchers by generating more primary sources while also providing new opportunities for University students to work with primary materials, construct theses, and develop projects utilizing the oral history interviews and archival documents. To further educate the public about Charlie Wilson, spotlight the University's collection, and further work to understand and document East Texas' history generally, the Project will sponsor several products from transcriptions to finding guides, websites, exhibits, and, hopefully, documentaries concerning Charlie Wilson.

Likewise, the collection of oral history interviews will be an ongoing task.

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More generally, the Project and archival collection highlights the role and function of the University's ETRC as the archival repository for East Texas. It will hopefully spark other notable East Texans to donate their materials and collections to the University and signal to both researchers and the general public alike that the University and the ETRC take seriously their leading responsibility to collect, preserve, and honor East Texas memory and history. Pulling off a project of this size and scope requires a lot of help and collaboration. First of all, Dean Brian Murphy conceived of the project and made it happen.

Austin & Charlie Adventures Washington DC Paperback

It is thanks to him this project ever began. Paul J. Sandul has served as the project's director since its inception, overseeing any and everything from contacts to interviews, transcriptions, funding, and more. Texas historian M. Scott Sosebee, as well as the late and revered giant of Texas history Archie P.

McDonald, has been at the forefront of conducting interviews and providing historical context and guidance. Moreover, the history department faculty have helped interview as well. The history department has also helped fund travel, the purchase of equipment, and the support of graduate students for transcription. Mark Barringer and the Center for Regional Heritage Research have also played a vital role with providing equipment, web design, and transcription services. So many more people need to be mentioned of course.

And we intend no slight if they have not been mentioned here by name. But perhaps the most important of all are the interviewees themselves. Their desire and willingness to be interviewed has made it all possible. The original recordings for all the interviews and full transcripts are held by the East Texas Research Center, R. Steen Library, Stephen F.

Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. All copy rights in all the transcripts and audio files, including the right to publish, are reserved to the East Texas Research Center, R. Excerpts up to 1, words from the interviews may be quoted for publication without seeking permission as long as the use is non-commercial and properly cited. Requests for permission to quote for other publication should be addressed to the East Texas Research Center, R.

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Austin State University, North St. Allison is married to Sharon Allison, the sister of Charlie Wilson. Sam and Sharon had a very close relationship with Charlie that included travelling the world with him and serving as his confidants, and support system.

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  5. Sam currently lives in Waco, Texas with his wife Sharon. Allison and his family, including his sister Elizabeth, had a very close relationship with Wilson. He spent some additional time with his uncle when he worked as a House page in Washington, D.

    Austin & Charlie Adventures Washington DC Paperback

    Sharon was on the Planned Parenthood board at the local, regional, national, and international levels and is credited with promoting women's rights with her brother Charlie. Butler was born in Bryan, Texas in She had seven siblings and attended Kemp High School. Butler then changed jobs, working for Charlie Wilson in his district office as a caseworker for Veterans Affairs.

    Among other things, he worked for the State Insurance Board, oil and gas businesses, and, notably, traveled to the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan with Wilson. Davis grew up in Southeast Texas with his parents.

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    Through his job as a jingle writer for a small advertising agency and film production company, Davis was able to work on a campaign commercial for Charlie Wilson in Davis met Wilson in while working on a commercial campaign. His first job with Wilson's staff was District Assistant working as the campaign bus driver. Davis later became Charlie Wilson's District Director. Donnahoe was born in in Kentucky, but grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Katie Langdon. Ariane Elsammak Illustrator.

    But now Mr.

    senjouin-renkai.com/wp-content/tracking/ Stretchie, along with Austin's food bowl, is missing! Who could've taken them? With the help of Miss Liberty, her Secret Service dogs, and using many types of transportation, they search all over Washington D. Can you help Austin and Charlie find their favorite toy, Mr. Katie Langdon grew up in St.

    Charlie Wilson Oral History Project

    Louis, Missouri, and also currently lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Get A Copy. Paperback , 36 pages.

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