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Excerpts of an oral history interview with Lakhman, as well as highlights of several of his many radio appearances on the Yiddish Voice , were also presented. Iosif Lakhman, known in Yiddish as Yosef, or often by his nickname Yoske, was born in the Ukrainian shtetl Dinevits in His father, who had been a Hebrew teacher before the Russian Revolution, later had to make his living on a collective farm.

As a child, he loved Yiddish literature, poetry, and theater. In school, he was given the honor of reciting his own Yiddish poem in front of the great Soviet-Yiddish poet Itsik Feffer. He also once wrote to the great Soviet-Yiddish actor Shloyme Mikhoels, hoping to get involved with the state-sponsored Yiddish theater.

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Mikhoels answered him, inviting him to join. However, Iosif's father did not want this for his son, and tore the letter up. After the war, Iosif earned his PhD in economics and had a successful career as an economist in Moscow. When the Stalinist repression of Yiddish language and letters began to loosen in the early 's, he participated actively in publications and events, contributing occasionally to Sovetish Heymland , the principal Yiddish literary journal of the Soviet Union.

By the early 's Iosif had left Russia and settled in Boston. He began a long association of collaboration with his friend, the writer Misha Khazin. They frequently contributed, both together and individually, to various Russian, Yiddish, and English-language publications, most often on matters of Jewish life, politics, and literature. Iosif began serving as co-host of the "Yiddish Voice" in In recent years, despite limitations due to health issues and advancing age, he remained actively involved with the radio show until practically his last days.

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Besides the Yiddish Voice, Iosif was also quite active in other Yiddish language and culture activities in Boston, serving for years as Yiddish teacher at the Workmen's Circle in Brookline and as a member of the Yiddish Committee of the Boston Workmen's Circle. A Shloyshim memorial program is planned for the Yiddish Voice and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Previews begin July 4, The interview, like the book, follows her fascinating life, from childhood in Sibera and Germany through adulthood in New York, raising a family in Yiddishist society in New York and finding success as a columnist and feature writer for the Yiddish Forward Newspaper Forverts , as a Yiddish educator at Columbia University, and as a playwright, including cofounding the Joseph Papp Yiddish Theatre.

David E. Fishman is the author of numerous books and articles on the history and culture of East European Jewry. Soloveitchik's Yiddish writings, Droshes un ksovim Ktav, The book tells the story of Emanuel Ringelblum and his team of historians who conspired to save a chronicle of life in the Warsaw Ghetto. Ringelblum and his fellow historians were nearly all murdered -- only three survived. Much of their archive was later recovered, and large amounts have been preserved, restored, and transcriptions and translations created from original Yiddish and Polish text sources.

Kassow's book gives the reader an appreciation for the human side of the project to create the "Oyneg Shabes Archive", as these ill-fated conspirators code-named it. See the web site whowillwriteourhistory. Northam Professor of History at Trinity College, and is recognized as one of the world's leading scholars on the Holocaust and the Jews of Poland.


Originally from Israel, Rabbi Kin talks about the holiday Pesach, and shares a nign from the vast musical repertoire Modzitzer Chassidim. Originally published in , the book recently came out in a new softcover edition in Zvi Gitelman studies ethnicity and politics, especially in former Communist countries, as well as Israeli politics, East European politics, and Jewish political thought and behavior.

The interview covers a range of topics, including the Soviet regime and the Holocaust; the role of Yiddish in various Soviet eras; and the situation of Russian Jews today, both in Russia and in other countries such as Israel, Germany, and the United States. The show will feature words in memory of Hasia, some new and some from last year's Shloyshim memorial program, as well as archival recordings that include excerpts of Hasia's previously broadcast recordings.

We are extremely saddened to announce that Hasia Segal died this past Monday night, January 16, She was born in and was raised in Ponyevezh Lithuanian: Panevezys , Lithuania, where she graduated the Tarbut Hebrew-language elementary school and Gimnasia Ivrit Hebrew-language private high school. In April of , she, her late husband Elye Eli Segal of Vilkomir now: Ukmerge, Lithuania , their infant daughter Ruth, and her parents moved to the United States, joining family that had clustered earlier in Greater Boston.

A second daughter, Esther, was born within a few years. Throughout her years in Boston, she was a leading participant in local Yiddish radio and in Yiddish cultural organizations, in women's and general Zionist groups, and in Jewish and Hebrew education as a professional and as a continuing student herself at Boston Hebrew College. And she provided selfless mentorship to younger people researching Yiddish civilization: the language, its arts and its folkways.

She moved a few years ago to West Palm Beach where she continued to teach and entertain in retirement communities.

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Her endless knowledge, prodigious memory, and radiant personality dazzled all with whom she came into contact -- and her sense of humor knocked most people to the floor. Holiday Greetings from Our Sponsors:.

Sara Feldman. Yitskhok Niborski. Turner Reyze. Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor. Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath, Singer. Keith Kalman Weiser.

Book: Jewish People, Yiddish Nation. Anna Shternshis. CD: Yiddish Glory. Pretty much everything was good. It turned out to be a party hotel, which I definitely wasn't expecting. Think fun on the hallways until 1AM. Not the place for a quiet night of sleep. Staff seemed overwhelmed: one of them entered my room by mistake while I was sleeping.

No manager at the premises; the employee who handled my checkout promised I'd be contacted, which never happened. For the price paid, a big disappointment.


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The place is stylish and the facilities are good. Everything about this hotel was great! Super clean and comfortable rooms, neat decor, friendly and helpful staff.

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The location is great and everything is within walking distance. Even though the hotel was very busy, I never waited for a thing. The valet had left a vehicle unattended and in neutral and it rolled into the side of my vehicle that they had park perpendicularly in front of. I didn't like watching this whole thing happen from my hotel room knowing I couldn't do anything to stop it. I mostly did like trying to figure out how someone who parks cars for a living could forget to actually put the vehicle in park before existing.

The bed.

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We brought our 10 week old puppy and they were so accommodating. The staff are just lovely. Wish it had a pool :. Decor was classy but fun being appropriately collegiately themed! Very clean and close to school and downtown. Oh, and the price can't be beat! A little old looking. Free water. Wine list. Elevators smell a bit.