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The second thing to understand is that Holzhauer is a gambler by profession, so he understands risk.

Which he does. By doing this, Holzhauer quickly takes the big bucks off the board, robbing his opponents of the opportunity to catch up. He knows that how you hold the buzzer can shave a fraction of a second off your response time. Good players who know the correct in-the-form-of-a-question response still lose out because he buzzes in first. Anyone expecting to play in the more traditional slow, orderly, buildup style will be toast.

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In time, speedy challengers will crowd the auditions, and the game will go even faster. Now any major-league team hoping to become a perennial contender has to have its own analytics operation. Investing started toward a similar revolution in the mids, the cumulative effects of which we see in full force today.

The late, great John Bogle — who died in January at 89 — first questioned the value of actively managed investment funds in his senior thesis at Princeton. He later built on the work of Burt Malkiel , among others, to launch the first index fund at Vanguard.

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Financial advisers who fight it and do things the old way can find a winning stock idea here and there. Read: Forget Warren Buffett — this fund manager has walloped the stock market over the past decade.

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Also see: Where is the best place for me to retire? Then a single player took a hard look at the game and turned it all upside down. In the same way, bringing science to investing changed the game for investors. It took the mystery out of Wall Street and created a completely different investment environment, one that favors the individual investor and disfavors the opaque, costly, old way of doing things.

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Mitch Tuchman brings the low-cost, scientific investment approach used by elite pensions and endowments to everyday retirement investors through Rebalance. Follow Mitch on Twitter MitchellTuchman.

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Past Reflective Practice Events. Sample Games to Be Used in the Classroom. Instructions for Bingo. Instructions for Playing Family Feud. Instructions for Playing Hangman. Instructions for Playing Hollywood Squares.

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Instructions for Playing Jeopardy. Instructions for Playing Pyramid. Instructions for Playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire.